Power Transmission and Distribution

Power Transmission and Distribution Network that Achieves the World's Best Quality and Low Costs

TEPCO Power Grid, which is engaged in power transmission and distribution, possesses extensive facilities. The steady supply of electricity is supported by human resources and technical capabilities that are deployed to maintain, manage and operate these extensive facilities. However, the environment surrounding power transmission and distribution companies is undergoing significant change due to energy saving efforts and the expanding use of renewable energies, as well as the spread of electric vehicles (EVs), decreasing population, over-urbanization and depopulation of rural areas. Viewing the changes in the market as a tremendous opportunity, we will adopt cutting-edge technology and create an ever-improving corporate culture in order to achieve business operation efficiency that meets international standards. Our goal is to become a company that is more sought after by customers and the general public than ever before.

Providing a Complete Range of Services

We have been expanding our operations through the alliances with manufacturers, design companies, and other partners. Also, our goal is to provide a complete range of services from demand forecasts to operation/maintenance.

Overseas Consulting Case Studies

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