Fukushima Daiichi Prompt Report

Mar 1, 2019

FUKUSHIMA, Japan — In an investigation conducted in the Unit 2 primary containment vessel (PCV) on February 13, TEPCO confirmed that some deposits can be moved. Dose level and temperature data also were obtained. The findings will be used to conduct further investigations and eventually remove the deposits. 

The investigation involved lowering an observation device with a hand-like grasping device into the vessel. The procedure did not have any radiological impact on the surrounding environment.

Investigations so far have identified the presence of pebble-shaped, block-shaped and rock-like deposits. The recent investigation confirmed that the first two types of deposits could be moved with a hand-like device. The rock-like deposits, however, could not be gripped or moved. TEPCO will evaluate the information to plan further investigations and determine suitable methods of removal.

Dose and temperature levels were measured closer to the deposits than during a previous investigation. Regardless of the measuring height, it was confirmed that the temperature is constant at about 23 degrees Celsius. This is about the same as previous investigation. The dose levels were between 6 and 8 Gy/h, with the higher level detected closer to the bottom of the pedestal.

For more information on the results, please visit: (LINK).

In a related development, TEPCO used advanced image processing of visual data obtained during a January 2018 investigation to string together images into a panorama view of the Unit 2 primary containment vessel. To view the images, please visit




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