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Power Outages in TEPCO Power Grid, Inc.’s Service Area Caused by Typhoon #15 (As of 7 PM, September 24)

Sep 24, 2019

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

We sincerely apologize for the great inconvenience that the power outages resulting from Typhoon #15 has caused on all those affected.
As of September 24, there are 26 locations (affecting 190 homes) where we have been unable to repair high-voltage power lines within TEPCO Power Grid, Inc.’s service area due to numerous fallen trees, collapsed roads, and landslides.
We will continue our efforts on and after September 25 in accordance with the progress of road repairs and in consultation with local government officials. TEPCO is making every effort to restore power as quickly as possible.

<Locations where repairs have been difficult but work will continue on and after Wednesday, September 25>
Ichihara City (2), Midori District, Chiba City (1), Sammu City (2), Yachimata City (1), Futtsu City (7), Kimitsu City (5), Minamiboso City (4), Kyonan Town (3), Kamogawa City (1)

*Power is being supplied to houses where people are currently living using power supply trucks and generators.

We continue to quickly and diligently make repairs to homes that are still without power due to damage to drop lines, etc. As of the morning of September 23, we had received approximately 3,800 inquiries from customers who are still without power and we are making necessary repairs in anticipation of completing these repairs by the end of September 24. We continue to receive approximately 200 inquiries per day. We will quickly respond to these inquiries upon providing updates and information on precautions that should be taken.
Additionally, we will be leveraging information from smart meters to pay visits to homes in regions from which there have been no inquiries in order to identify any required repairs.

TEPCO will continue to make every effort to restore power as quickly as possible to those customers that are still being affected by these power outages. We are also making every effort to quickly provide information on the status of repairs via our website and Twitter, etc.

○When power is restored the sudden surge of electricity may cause short circuits or fires with appliances so we ask that you please switch your circuit breakers to the “OFF” position and unplug any heat-generating appliances, such as irons and dryers, and rotating appliances, such as hand mixers.
  After power has been restored you may return your circuit breakers to the “ON” position and plug in your appliances

○Some homes may still be without power due to damage to low-voltage lines or drop lines. If you believe this pertains to you please contact TEPCO to ask for assistance.

○Please do not go near, or touch, any downed or severed power lines whereas such actions are extremely dangerous. If you discover a downed or severed power line, please contact TEPCO immediately at the following number.
 0120-995-007  or  03-6375-9803

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