Decontamination work at vicinity of J-Village

Dec 4, 2019

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

TEPCO on December 3rd completed the decontamination of an area within the Naraha parking lot on the north side of the J-Village sporting complex where radiation levels of 1.79μSV / h at 1m and 70.2μSV / h at the surface were detected.

Radiation levels in the area have since been reduced to 0.39μSV / h at 1m and 0.44 μSV / h at the surface after the decontamination process. Please note that the radiation levels in the area before and after the decontamination are not harmful to the human body.

Going forward, TEPCO will continue to respond in an efficient and effective manner as we work to provide peace of mind for J-Village and the surrounding area.

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