Advisory and Consulting Services

For years, our company has been working to solve various issues related to thermal power stations in Japan and abroad. Through our work, we have managed to accumulate all kinds of technologies and skills necessary for operating and managing power stations. We create optimal proposals adjusted to the needs of our clients or their facilities to analyze the facilities, improve their performance, shorten maintenance periods, and take other measures that aim to increase the profitability of power stations.

Example of Advisory and Consulting Services

Power plant health check
Reviewing maintenance plans
Shortening periodic inspections
Power plant performance diagnosis reports

We also provide other solutions to suit the needs of our clients. Contact us for more information.

1. Power plant health check

We analyze the operation of our clients' power stations by taking an objective and independent approach from the perspective of utilities. Our methods are based on benchmark comparisons that include availability, heat rate, and other indices, which we use to determine the gap between a customer's target and actual situation. In our benchmark comparisons, we utilize a vast amount of power station data our company has accumulated over the years in order to define the position of the client in the market. To deal with the gap between the target and actual situation, we compare the client's current status with a similar experience in TEPCO's history of operation to find the main causes for the issue and offer a concrete and time-tested solution.

2. Reviewing maintenance plans

TEPCO has handled more than 1500 different types of equipment, which was the basis for creating our maintenance guidelines that take into consideration both costs and reliability. We propose optimal measures for reducing maintenance costs by comparing this know-how with our customers' equipment information based on on-site analyses.

In some cases, TEPCO's long-term maintenance plan review lead to a 5% reduction in repair costs.

3. Shortening Periodic Inspections

The periodic inspection periods required by law are directly related to availability. By subdividing all work tasks and eliminating all unnecessary tasks from each process, we have managed to achieve the shortest inspection periods in the world.
We can use the know-how described above to shorten inspection periods by optimizing inspection process schedules, improving the efficiency of work methods, and revising inspection guidelines. Our methods have allowed us to shorten inspection periods by more than 50% in some cases.

4. Power plant performance diagnosis reports

We use on-site examination results and analyze operation data provided by our customers to study performance deterioration and equipment failure. Our findings are delivered in the form of periodic reports, which include samples of measures for effectively improving thermal efficiency and recommendations for subsequent inspections.

We also provide other solutions, which are tailored to our clients' problems and needs.
Our solutions include a wide range of services such as troubleshooting and remaining life assessment for various equipment. Contact us for more information.

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