Plant Solution Services

Our thermal power asset business and O&M (*) reform efforts are not meant to stay restricted to our company. We will turn those reforms into services we can market and expand abroad through regulation and standardization. Our aim is to expand those business operations mainly to Southeast Asia and also to other regions around the world including the Middle East and the United States. We will expand those services to become part of our core businesses.
We market the technologies and know-how we have accumulated over the years through the operation of our power stations. Those technologies and know-how include Value-up Project and other power station operation models we have developed, anomaly detection and performance management enabled by the utilization and application of power station operation data, remote monitoring services, and personnel training services. We will increase our sources of revenue and also expand the operational approaches for Fuel & Power stations in order to contribute to the advancement of operation and maintenance methods for thermal power stations abroad with a focus on emerging economies. Our contributions include thermal efficiency improvement, minimization of operation stop time after malfunctions or incidents, and improvement of environmental protection measures.

*"O&M" stands for "operation and maintenance."

Remote Monitoring Services

We have created models for anomaly detection of incidents. Those models are based on data related to thermal power generation facilities, real-time operation information, and past incident data. We have also developed performance management models based on data related to plant heat balance. We have introduced our services at Pagbilao Power Station operated by a Philippines-based company called TeaM Energy Corporation. In the future, we will provide the aforementioned models as our services for other power generating companies. Our goal is to help our customers improve the operation rate of their power stations by reducing the economic losses related to incidents and by increasing the efficiency of maintenance and inspection operations.

Personnel Training Services

In recent years, the number of new companies in the electric power business has increased in Japan and abroad, especially in emerging economies. This trend has boosted the demand for personnel training and education. Our personnel training services focus on classroom training, simulator training, and training with mock-ups of equipment such as control devices. We have already provided simulator training with a follow-up OJT course for the operators at a power station operated by an Indonesia-based company called PJB. That was our contribution to the skill improvement of the operators working there.

Advisory and Consulting Services

Our professionals with expertise in various fields use the technologies and know-how accumulated through the operation of our power stations to provide equipment diagnostic services, which involve diagnosing malfunctions or deterioration levels for main equipment such as boilers and turbines as well as for individual devices. Our equipment diagnostic services aim to provide optimal solutions based on life-cycle cost (LCC) analyses according to the needs of our customers in Japan and abroad.

Operation and Maintenance Comprehensive Services

In addition to the services described above, we also utilize our human resources to provide all types of operations related to the operation and maintenance of power stations.

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