New Business Projects

Since our goal is to continue increasing our corporate value, we are developing new business projects to expand our businesses beyond the electric power and find new customers. We are looking for business opportunities that will allow us to fully utilize our existing assets including electricity, heat, CO2, and land. We consider all kinds of possibilities with the aim of creating business projects that will ensure sustainable growth.

Utilization of Assets

Our company operates a total of 15 thermal power stations located mostly in the Kanto region. In addition to skilled human resources and land, the assets of our power stations also include the electricity which is a product that we generate as well as the heat, steam, CO2, and other products that are generated in the power generation process. Those assets have the potential to be used in our business operations. We will to utilize our existing assets to the fullest in order to create new business projects.

Case Studies: Infrastructure Service Business Project

In February 2017, we entered a basic agreement with JFE Engineering Corporation for joint ventures related to renewable energy and infrastructure services for municipalities. We are currently examining the possibilities of merging our know-how related to business operation and operation and maintenance processes with the know-how of JFE Engineering Corporation regarding EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) services and operation and maintenance processes. Our goal is to develop business operations involving waste treatment, recycling, conversion of sewage sludge to fuel, power generation with biomass, and infrastructure services for municipalities.

Case Studies: Ecological Farming Business

We are conducting an ecological farming business at the site of our Yokohama Thermal Power Station. Our environment control technologies allow us to adjust the temperature, humidity, and other factors in order to create optimal conditions for us to challenge cultivating strawberries all year round.
We are currently utilizing our existing assets including our land and the equipment control technologies we have developed through our power generation business. In the future, however, we are also going to verify technologies that utilize CO2.

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