Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy
Mission: Why our company exists

We provide a stable supply of internationally competitive energy for customers in Japan and abroad, while also increasing corporate value and fulfilling our responsibilities to Fukushima.

Vision: What we need to do to achieve our Mission

In order to perform and sustain our Mission, we are dedicated to retaining our capabilities to be victorious in the global energy market and are creating a company that values a wide variety of human resources.

I. To be a company that maintains four "Capabilities" that anticipate our increasingly difficult business environment due to factors such as market liberalization, and that is capable of "overwhelming victory" in the global energy market.

  • On-site Capability: The capability for constant improvement and similar efforts allowing us to thoroughly improve our productivity and technical prowess
  • Sales Capability: The capability to constantly anticipate changes and provide for the diverse needs of our customers better than any competitors
  • Optimization Capability: The capability for streamlining and flexible utilization of our thermal power generation assets in integrated and strategic manners
  • Developmental Capability: The capability to utilize our human and material resources, and know-how to perform key tasks such as O&M business and creating new business

II. To be a company where various human resources can serve an active and vital role while sharing common values and enabling them to perform at their maximum capabilities

Values: The values of our organization and employees needed to achieve our Vision

We share six common values in order to unleash the immense potential of our diverse human resources and create a lively and active company.

  • Pursuit: Spontaneously pursuing unknown worlds enables encounter with exciting new discoveries
  • Astuteness: Quickly recognizing change and acting with speedy resolve to create ample business opportunities
  • Challenge: Taking on any challenge with passion and no fear of failure to lead the way to success
  • Diversity: Respecting various ways of thinking and values serves as a wellspring of energy
  • Creativity: Breaking down commonly held concepts and practices to create new structures and ideas
  • Fairness: Acting with compliance, faithfulness, fairness, and a sense of responsibility in regards to laws and ethics to earn the trust and confidence of the public

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