President’s Message


TEPCO Fuel & Power, Inc. was established in April 2016 to function as a core operating company of the TEPCO Group responsible for fuel and thermal power generation business.

This company was formed with the mission of providing a stable supply of internationally competitive energy for customers in Japan and abroad, while also increasing corporate value and fulfilling our responsibilities to Fukushima. In order to achieve this mission, we have been forging a comprehensive alliance through the integration of JERA, a company formed jointly with Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., to cover all aspects of the energy business from fuel upstream and procurement to power generation, and electricity and gas sales. This alliance together with our numerous measures such as those to increase the value (improve productivity) of our thermal power stations are providing the transformations needed to make TEPCO a global energy company able to compete on equal footing with rival companies in the international energy market.

Given the radical changes in the business environment surrounding our company, as well as future challenges such as decreasing energy demand (due to factors such as a decreasing population and the expansion of energy conservation measures) and the widespread introduction of renewable energy sources, competition in the Japanese thermal power sector is expected to become even more intense.
Although we have continuously striven to ceaselessly supply fuel and generate power under our mission to provide a stable supply of electricity, in addition to the above-indicated business measures, we have adopted "Origination" (forming competitive assets) and "Optimization" (optimizing existing assets) as our core strategies to support our goal of being an energy company that is equally global and dynamic, as we combine both local and international perspectives to continue to transform the energy business with our "Strong business structure" and "Passion".

TEPCO Fuel & Power, Inc.

Chairman: Toshihiro Sano
President: Seiji Moriya

Chairman Sano (left) President Moriya (right)

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