Notices and Bills

How to Read your "Electricity Bill"

Your "Electricity Bill" shows a breakdown of your electricity rates and contract details.

  1. Customer's name
  2. Amount billed for this month
  3. Electricity consumed this month
  4. Customer number
  5. Address where electricity is consumed
  6. District number
  7. Bill number
  8. Supply point ID
  9. Payment deadline
  10. Scheduled date of next bill
  11. Please check the reverse side for a breakdown of your electricity bill.
  12. Inquiries/Customer Center


AThe last two digits of your customer number change when there are changes such as change of user (from 00 to 01, etc.) The number indicated on the meter reading card after the change is your new customer number. TEPCO will correct the customer number on applications for electric use, bank transfer, and credit card payment that have already been submitted to match the customer number indicated by the meter reading card.

How to Read your "Notice of Electricity Consumption"

The "Notice of Electricity Consumption" shows a breakdown of your electricity rates and contract details.

  1. Supply point ID
  2. Customer's name
  3. Contract type and contract
  4. Electricity consumed this month
  5. Amount billed for this month
  6. Breakdown of amount billed
  7. Bank transfer discount
  8. Comparison of electricity consumed for same month of previous year (rate of increase/decrease)
  9. Renewable energy surcharge
  10. Fuel cost adjustment unit price
  11. Scheduled dates of bank transfer and next meter reading
  12. Office code
  13. District number
  14. Customer number
    Please provide this number when contacting TEPCO.
  15. Inquiries/Customer Center

Customer Inquiries

Inquiries regarding payment

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