President’s Message

Our goal is "Shaping the Future of Energy from a Customer-Oriented Perspective - Integrated Energy Services Company"

The environment surrounding energy supporting the lifestyles and businesses of our customers has changed significantly due to the expansion of energy saving efforts and full liberalization of electricity and gas, such that we are plunging into an ever more competitive environment.

We at TEPCO Energy Partner view these changes in the business environment as a tremendous opportunity to continue functioning as a company that is chosen by customers and the public. We are focused on providing products and services to our customers throughout Japan to ensure greater comfort and safety in their daily life as well as business development. This means we will focus on improving and reforming our own operations to transform into an integrated energy services company providing the "benefits of energy" by expanding our business into new areas beyond the conventional framework of electric power sales.

We will also integrate expertise and technology by promoting cross-industry alliances and evolving relationships with different kinds of partners, from those that are "competitive" to those that are "harmonious." It is our goal to provide customers and the public with new value that meets their expectations as we continue on as a company that shapes the future of energy from a customer-oriented perspective.

I would also like us to fulfill the responsibilities we owe to Fukushima and continue as a company that is chosen by our customers.

To achieve that, we believe that the following services we have cultivated are the sources of our relationship of trust with our customers:
- Essential public utility services in the form of providing a stable supply of electricity
- Business and technical services to quickly resolve any of our customers' problems and allow them to use electricity without worry
We will continue to further expand and enrich these strengths of ours moving forward.

With our slogan of "Taking on energy challenges", TEPCO Energy Partner aims to keep growing as a partner that develops together with our customers.

TEPCO Energy Partner, Incorporated
Toshihiro Kawasaki

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