As the company at the center of the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, TEPCO takes full responsibility for the accident and sees its new mission as the achievement of a stable supply of energy and service, following the TEPCO Group Charter of Corporate Conduct as the basis of all actions, based on the highest global standards in safety and competitiveness and the implementation of corporate reform.

When carrying out procurement, we will develop a fairer and more transparent trading environment based on a relationship of mutual trust with our suppliers and procure increasingly economical and high-quality materials, equipment and services.

Basic Policy on Procurement

TEPCO will carry out transactions in accordance with the basic policies set out under the following eight headings.

1. Strengthening relationships based on mutual trust

An economical and stable energy supply has always been supported by a partnership with suppliers based on mutual trust. We will strive to have meaningful two-way communication with suppliers and establish trading relationships that lead to our mutual development.

2. An open, impartial and fair approach to trading

We will share open, impartial and fair trading opportunities with partners, not only in Japan but throughout the world, and actively promote an expansion in trade with highly competitive suppliers. In carrying out transactions, we will give overall consideration to quality, price, deadlines, reliability, technological capability, business conditions, adherence to laws, regulations and ethical standards, safety and the environment, and carry out impartial and fair trading based on economic rationality.

3. Promotion of cost price improvements

In order to deliver low-price high-quality electricity we will work hard to reduce our procurement costs. In order to achieve this, we will respect the opinions and proposals of our suppliers and work together to promote cost price improvements.

4. Compliance with laws, regulations and ethical standards

We will respect fundamental human rights, do not engage in all forms of discrimination and harassment, and we will comply with all relevant laws (*) and the spirit of the law.

*The relevant laws and regulations include the Civil Code, Commercial Code, Company Law, Anti-Monopoly Law, Intellectual Property Basic Law, Personal Information Protection Law, Construction Industry Law, Subcontract Law, Waste Disposal Law, and Construction Recycling Law. As well as elimination of child labor and forced labor, elimination of illegal employment and nonpayment of wages, elimination of unfair discrimination concerning employment, suppression of long working hours, etc. Moreover, in discharging our social responsibilities we will also comply with laws, regulations and ethical standards relating to labor and human rights.

5. Ensuring safety

In addition to complying with relevant laws and regulations related to safety, we are fully aware of safety measures such as prevention of occupational accidents and health promotion.

6. Consideration for the environment

We will strive to build a sustainable society by contributing to low carbon, promoting biodiversity conservation, and efficiently using resources and water by promoting the preferential purchase of materials and equipment with low environmental impact (Green Procurement).

7. Thorough risk management

We will grasp, assess and take appropriate measures against the risks associated with procurement activities. If any material risk becomes clear or could be anticipated, we will take immediate and proper actions to implement thorough risk management.

8. Contributing to sustainable development across the supply chain

We will contribute to the sustainable development of society across the supply chain by disseminating the TEPCO Group Charter of Corporate Conduct and Basic Policy on Procurement to our business partners and seeking actions based on the spirit of them.

[Requests for our business partners]
  • (1)

    Sharing corporate behavior guidelines
    We may ask you to understand our corporate behavior guidelines set forth in the TEPCO Group Charter of Corporate Conduct and Basic Policy on Procurement. We may also ask you to conduct corporate activities in-line with the spirit of the guidelines.

  • (2)

    Providing competitive products and services while putting safety first and developing new technologies and services
    Providing competitive products (high quality, low cost and early delivery) and services while placing the safety of employees and other stakeholders first. Also, we may ask for your cooperation in promoting the development of new technologies and services that can create new value.

  • (3)

    Sharing corporate behavior guidelines across the supplier chain
    With regard to carrying out corporate activities in accordance with the spirit of our corporate behavior guidelines in order to contribute to the sustainable development of society throughout the supplier chain, we may ask your cooperation in the same way as for business partners and for related parties of business partners.

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