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We are committed to environmentally conscious business management that earns the trust of society.

Seiichi Fubasami, Executive Vice President

The TEPCO Group positions environmental conservation as one of our core management issues. As we continue to fulfill our responsibilities towards restoration in Fukushima, we also strive to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. We are united as a Group in our commitment to conducting environmentally-conscious operations in every phase of our business activities.

Promoting low-carbon energy

Looking at global landscape, there are concrete actions towards environmental issues being taken on a global scale. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in September 2015, the Paris Agreement was adopted at COP21 (December, 2015), and the Plan for Global Warming Countermeasures was decided by the Japanese Cabinet (May 2016).
As an energy provider, the TEPCO Group strives to maintain stable supply of electricity while promoting initiatives aimed at balancing economic efficiency and environmental conservation to promote decarbonization of energy.
Specifically, we are promoting the installation and use of high-efficiency thermal power generation and the expanded use of renewable energy. Regarding nuclear power generations, which contribute to CO2 reduction, we position ensuring the safety of nuclear power generation as an absolute must and work to gain the understanding of local residents. Furthermore we are working with customers to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society based on our customer's pleasant and secure livinghood and business development by offering a rate plan that delivers electricity of 100% hydropower and energy conservation consulting services.

Environmental consciousness

We are working to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities and leave a rich natural environment to future generations by reducing the environmental burdens and emissions of our operations and promoting environmental conservation. One particular example of our efforts is Oze National Park, where for over 50 years we have actively worked to conserve biodiversity, including installation of wooden walkways and restoration of wetlands.

Promoting proactive information disclosure and communication

We will continue to proactively engage in dialogue with our stakeholders including local communities and disclosure of information, as part of our continuous efforts related to improvement and enhancement of our activities

October 2017,
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.,
Executive Vice President
Seiichi Fubasami

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