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Amid increasing social demands of corporate accountability and the revisiting of what information should be disclosed in corporate reporting, TEPCO provides this report as information disclosure concerning our environmental performance.
The scope of reporting extends to the TEPCO Group (Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., TEPCO Fuel & Power Inc., TEPCO Power Grid Inc., and TEPCO Energy Partners Inc.)
As disclosure information, we referenced the eight items outlined in the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standard 300 Series (Environmental topics) and selected topics that are deemed to have a significant impact on society through TEPCO Group business activities.

Through information disclosure, we aim to increase understanding of the TEPCO Group's environmental performance.

Scope of reporting Method of description on this website
  • TEPCO Group
  • TEPCO Group
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.
TEPCO Fuel & Power
TEPCO Energy Partners
  • Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. Environment Dept.
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TEPCO Group Environmental Policy

The TEPCO Group will continue to promote environmentally friendly initiatives in all aspects of its business activities, so as to subjectively tackle with Fukushima revitalization, to create a future for energy, and to open up a sound society that is harmonious with the environment and with people.
In pursuing these initiatives, not only complying with environmental laws and regulations, TEPCO Group will continue actively engaging in dialogue with stakeholders including local communities and disclosing information.

  • Contribution to a low-carbon society
    We will contribute to achieving a low-carbon society by supplying low-carbon energies, enhancing renewable energy businesses, supporting customers to save energy, and providing low-carbon solutions through technological development and dissemination.
  • Reduction of environmental impact
    We will contribute to reducing environmental impacts and achieving a sound resource-circulation society by ensuring risk management and measures against environmental pollution, and promoting recycling.
  • Coexistence with nature
    We will contribute to creating a society that is in conscientious with biodiversity by conserving local ecosystems and reducing environmental impact.
    As the energy industry of today faces dramatic change, TEPCO Group will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through diverse business development for the future.

Environmental Goals

The TEPCO Group has introduced ISO14001 compliant environmental management system at all our Group companies. This system enables us, by properly managing environmental impact of our business activities, to reduce environmental risks, to conserve and improve local and global environments., to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and to contribute to the realization of sustainable society. We maintain, operate, and continuously improve this system in order to achieve our goals.
Even after our shift to a holdings company structure, as a TEPCO Group, we established the TEPCO Group Environmental Policy in which we have established goals concerning contribution to a low-carbon society, reduction of environmental impact, and coexistence with nature, in order to contribute to the development of a sustainable society while fulfilling our responsibilities of Fukushima restoration. and a low-carbon society, reduction of environmental impact, and coexistence with nature.

Environmental Management Promotion System

We deliberate response policies for overall TEPCO Group environmental issues at the Environmental Strategy Committee that are led by our director in charge of environmental affairs (Executive Vice President).

Materiality for Environmental Issues

We referenced the eight items outlined in the GRI Standard 300 Series (Environmental topics) and selected items related to TEPCO Group business activities that are thought to have a significant impact on society ((1)). We also select items that are of particular interest to our main stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, local communities, NGOs/NPOs, local government, and regulatory authorities, as well as main interests of the power industry ((2)). From (1) and (2), we designated "302 - Energy" and "305 - Emissions" as material topics of TEPCO Group.

Materiality analysis

GRI standard material topics (1) Reflect the reporting organization's significant economic, environmental, and social impacts (2) Substantively influence the assessments and decisions of stakeholders
301: Materials
302: Energy
303: Water
304: Biodiversity
305: Emissions
306: Effluents and Waste
307: Environmental Compliance
308: Supplier Environmental Assessment

Size of impact: ◎Extremely severe ○ Severe △ Moderate ✕ Minor

Explanation of material topics and its boundaries

Specified material topics Reasons believed to be important Location impact occurred and involvement of organization
Location impact occurred Involvement of organization
302: Energy As an energy provider, it is vital that we contribute to the realization of 3E+S (economic, environmental, and energy security and safety) and promote low-carbon energy production and more efficient energy use. Within organization Direct
305: Emissions As an energy provider, we contribute to a low-carbon, sustainable society by promoting more efficient energy use and reducing greenhouse effect gas emissions. Within/outside organization Direct / indirect

Inside organization: Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings and backbone operating companies (TEPCO Energy Partners, TEPCO Power Grid, TEPCO Fuel & Power)

Environmental consciousness on our supply chains

The TEPCO Group promotes prioritizing the purchasing of materials and equipment with a low environmental load (green procurement). We work with our vendors towards building a resource recycle-based society.

Environment compliance

Education on Environmental Laws

Every year, we provide education to TEPCO Group environmental practitioners on laws and regulations of waste management and other Group common matters. Furthermore, each company provide its employees environmental training based on the specific characteristics of each business. To ensure the provision of continuous educational opportunities, we develop eleven e-learning courses and support to promote understanding of environmental laws and regulations. Through these efforts, we strives to prevent deviation of environmental laws and regulations.

  • Environmental e-learning participants: Total of approx. 23,000 employees as of Fy2015

Promoting employee awareness

We provide environmental education during the new employee training to promote environmental awareness among employees.

Information Concerning Violation of Environmental Law and Regulation

The number of press releases issued (published on website) in response to written administrative judgments and recommendations received in accordance with environmental law are as follows.

FY2015 FY2016
No. 0 0

Input / Output

TEPCO Group Environmental Indicators

FY2016 TEPCO Group (1) List of Environmental Indicators and Results

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